The Day The Star Fell

by Obastra

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Music by Obastra

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Productions


released May 8, 2015

Obastra would like to thank our family, friends and those who have supported us along the way! This one is for you! This has been a long trek for all of us, we hope you enjoy what we worked so hard for!



all rights reserved


Obastra Livermore, California

East Bay experimental metal, founded by Alex, Rocky, Kyle and Zack. Originally a Slam band, Obastra have dedicated their music to push the boundaries of themselves and the music they play. Creating stories and infusing emotion into their music.

We appreciate all of you who have supported us from the beginning!
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Track Name: Pump Kinship
I sit in this void that devours the recesses of heart
The eater of Gods has consumed me
I’ve fallen from the stars
My mind shifts to you, slowly losing the sight of your bloom.
The scent of the righteous dissipates to the stench of the repugnant.
I am lost, knowing I’ll never be found
I drift to through the slime
It burns.
I forget.
How long has it been
Since I have seen the light of another
How long has it been?
Inside out it melts me.
The stars have fallen.
Track Name: Thrones (Ft. Peter Pawlak)
I have been born by the sins of the stars;
discarded skin of the gods who have abandoned me.
I am indifferent, I am a mass,
A mass seething with loathe and contempt.
I am alive, but not living.
I am hatred, I am disgust.
My purpose is nothing.
I exist to hate.
I see the gods in their stars.
I see them laughing, they curse my world with their taunting.
But they know I am waiting.
So they sit on their thrones made of stars.
Revolting cowardice
I shall consume as I wait for the stars to fall.
I am awake. I am the slime of the divines.
Track Name: (Instrumental)
Divine consumed by dark.
No mercy to the stars.
Devourer of those most bright and self righteous.
Slime covers the life of night.
The day has come where the thrones begin to fall.
Track Name: Reptilian Earth (Ft. Jeremy Scott)
Reptilian Earth come from the sea
I await your arrival by bearing my flesh
to bring life to this watery place.
As teeth separate limb from body, you belong to us now.
Distorted, ripping scales from the Earth.
The Earth cries a howling shriek to rip across the sky and endless universe
Life erupts to sacrifice to us, and to heal the Earth’s cries.
I am dismembered, but return to my throne in the black night abyss.
I watch the scarred Earth bleed and revel.
Sitting in my Star, jealously of those unworthy remove me.
I hurdle towards the Earth, who waits in revenge.
Gaining new form as I return, I reap the anger of the stars upon it’s people.
Spotted fury rips and tears. Claw to bone. Blood and despair.
All is gone, and the Earth cries again.
Track Name: Boxed Lungs
Death is nothing more than an advancement to the next dimension. We spend our lives looking towards the dreams of eternity, never truly witnessing the present. Life is slipping past us without us realizing the beauty of the sun and stars hurdling through our lives. What happens when we choose to end life before it runs it’s course? Is it our right? Is it wrong? I believe in nothing, so does this make me ok with the thought? Sitting in a box, voices call to cut the tie. Sometimes I want to just die.
But I can’t, I cannot rob those in this reality of an earth-born star. The walls close, I’m suffocating. I’m trying my hardest to stay afloat, to breathe the sweet night air. But it is only choking me. I feel the box closing on my chest, ribs bending and snapping. I scream,”Where is God!” More so in anger than in desperation. Lungs punctured by the shards of my shattered bones, I cry aloud once more. Spewing blood from the mouth, I sink into masochistic bliss of leaving the physical. I have transcended to the next realm.
Track Name: Wormfvck Pt.3
I am Solipsist.
Sleeping restlessly each night amongst the burning vibrations of infinite hatred.
I’d rather be underground than above the surface. It’s hard to be this way, an empty shell of unfeeling nothingness. I walk among the living, only being dead.
How do I justify my time here?
Do I sit in the physical, dragging around the anchor of sin I have fashioned for myself?
This reality is mine alone, I create this suffering, I am the bringer of my own fate.
You don’t want to fuck with the machine.
A machine won’t hesitate to end you.
The burden of lies weighs upon my soul, sitting upon my heart like an anvil, crushing the body which is already empty.
I am not
I am not alive
I am not
I am not divine
Nothing in the hole of my body, I can’t sympathize with the other.
It is not my fault. I didn’t ask to be the shell of evil.
But I am only a shell.
So put me down with the worms.
Track Name: Bring Upon The Sun (Ft. Andy Smith)
Cryptic signs burns the eyes
Blood flowing, ever going to appease the lords above us
They seek my sacrifice of flesh offering to bring the Sun
I search for the other to please the night that yearns for the blood to bring the light Bone strikes the flesh, it shatters and splits the skin
I call out to it
The aphonic monolith
Ever staring; always yearning
The deafening silence that bleeds the brain
Unable, unwilling to remedy my malady
Looming over the horizon
The monolith of the gods silently screams to us
“Bring the blood of the worthy!”
Murderous ambition flows through us all
An undying thirst to only be quenched by the dying
The bone of the last, strikes down on the new
The monolith demands it
We must quiet the cries